Michael L. Madigan, PhD

Michael is a Professor in the Grado Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech, and has an affiliate appointment in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics.

Curriculum Vitae

Tel: 540.231.3543


Leigh J. Allin, MS

Leigh is a PhD student working on developing balance training interventions to reduce the number of falls that occur among older adults, and in the workplace. 


Jessica Aviles, MS

Jessica is a PhD student interested in improving the access to and quality of prostheses in developing countries. 


Youngjae Lee

Youngjae is a MS student in Industrial and Systems Engineering studying how combat training used in the performing arts might be able to reduce the risk of injury when falling.

Elan Ahronovich

Elan is a BS student in Mechanical Engineering assisting with projects on balance training.  He also has expertise in back injuries.

Alex Nwogu

Alex is a BS student in Industrial and Systems Engineering assisting with projects on balance testing. 

Erica Cheng

Erica is a BS student in Industrial and Systems Engineering assisting with projects on balance testing. 

Lauren Callahan

Lauren is a BS graduate in Psychology assisting with projects on balance testing.

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Group alumni*

Emily Lloyd, MS (2003)
Bradley Davidson, MS (2005)
Christine Herrmann, MS (2005)
Kevin Pline, MS (2005)
Erin Wilson, MS (2005)
Kathleen Bieryla, MS (2006)
Bradley Davidson, PhD (2007)
Kevin Groth, MS (2007)
Steve Hanson, MS (2007)
Hyunwook Lee, MS (2007)
Jesse Norris, PhD (2007)
Sara Matrangola, MS (2008)

Emily Miller, MS (2008)
Gregory Slota, PhD (2008)
Martin Tanaka, PhD (2008)
Mike Whitley, MS (2008)
Kathleen Bieryla, PhD (2009)

Pranitha Gottipati, PhD (2009)
Dennis Anderson, PhD (2010)
Kerry Costello, MS (2010)
Kellen Shain, MS (2010)
Sara Matrangola, PhD (2011)
Emily Miller, PhD (2012)
Danielle Beringer, MS (2013)
Leigh Allin, MS (2014)
John Scanlon, MS (2014)
Xuefang Wu, PhD (2015)
Christina Garman, PhD (2015)
Achu Byju, MS (2016)

Hoda Koushyar, PhD (2016)

Jessica Aviles, MS (2016)

* includes students originally advised by the late Kevin Granata

Our alumni have gone on to work in various capacities within academia, industry, and consulting. Some companies who have hired our graduates include:

  • Accident Research Specialists, PLLC

  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Harvard University

  • Boeing

  • Bucknell University

  • The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

  • Exponent

  • Ford Motor Company - Advanced Biomechanics Division

  • Hayes + Associates

  • High Point University

  • Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

  • Microsoft

  • NASA

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

  • Nike

  • Penn State University

  • Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

  • Stryker Orthopaedics

  • University of Denver

  • University of Iowa

  • University of Virginia SPEED Clinic

  • Vicon

  • Wake Forest University

  • WL Gore and Associates

  • Zimmer